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Cellular2Buy: A Mobile Phone Company You Can Rely On

We carry many name brand mobile phones and devices. From Verizon to Unlocked GSM to Sprint Cell Phones we carry among the most reliable communication devices that you can find in the market today. This is not only because we have the latest models but also because we offer both GSM and CDMA technology. GSM stand for Global System Mobile. CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access, which is a digital technology that utilizes “spread spectrum techniques”. This means that there is a deliberate variation to the signal frequency being transmitted by the phones using this technology. Allowing the variation of this signal frequency produces more bandwidth than is allowable had the frequency been not varied. CMDA has long been used in phones in the U.S. for both Verizon and Sprint Cell Phones because it provides great data and voice service, some say even better than other technologies used in the market.

What to Expect from CDMA Mobile Phones:

Both Verizon and Sprint Phones using the CDMA technology do not use SIM cards. This basically means that if you have a mobile phone that is used on a particular CDMA network, this could not be used for any other network. This is because your phone is tied to your carrier’s network. You will not be able to switch to another CDMA phone unless it is with the same carrier. If you purchase a new CDMA phone from us, you would simply deactivate your old phone and then activate your new phone, its rather simple. Once your old phone has been deactivated, it can be sold or re-activated, as long as it is on the same carriers network (but it does not need to be the same account).

There are also CDMA phones that use a card that is comparable to the SIM card and this is the R-UIM card or the Removable User Identity Module. This card is currently only available in certain parts of Asia and Europe.

While Sprint is not the only carrier making use of the CDMA technology in their mobile phones and devices, there are a number of reasons on its being preferred by a great number of people. One of these is that Sprint offers more mobile phone models that carry the CDMA network. It is also known for providing the CDMA network service at a lower cost compared to other network carriers. The audio quality of Sprint Cell Phones using the CDMA technology is also better compared with others that carry the same video and IP access as well as Internet browsing.

Sprint also came up with the interpolated VGA resolution display. Their phones also utilize the 1.1 version of the Bluetooth technology when it comes to the transferring data between a mobile phone and a PC.

If you are the kind of cell phone user that goes for value when it comes to CDMA network provision, then we would recommend Sprint Phones as they are definitely for you. Remember the phones sold at Cellular2Buy.com are WITHOUT THE CONTRACT. You buy the phone and you will own it, so you will need to already have service with a cellular phone provider (or use is as a prepaid). Whichever carrier or phone model you chose we hope you will have a good time with your new mobile phone.